A centruy ride brought to you in under three minutes…

Date: October 6

Place: Seagull Century (www.seagullcentury.org)

Mind: Crazy (We know that’s nothing new for me)

Special Thanks:

  • Darren, Kate, Carter for raising money and representing the jersey’s and Melanoma in support of me.
  • Natasha for being my riding buddy and also raising money and representing the jersey and Melanoma. Thanks for teaching me I can push beyond what I think I can do.
  • My Mom, Dad, Aunt Lois and Jenny for coming all the way out to support me by crewing for us and keeping us going and fuled up to push through the 100.
  • Mom and Dad…thanks for helping me to push beyond as well!
  • Leah Otten…you couldn’t ride because of your back but thank you for helping to raise money for the cause and positive thoughts.

We arrived to a full parking lot at 7:00am Saturday morning. This was to be expected as the event hosted over 7,500 riders.  I thought leaving my house at 4:00am (ugggggg) would alleviate some of the crowd but it seemed everyone had the same idea.  We took about thirty minutes to unload the bikes and get ourselves ready for the what lay ahead.  A short walk through the Salisbury University Campus and we reached the start line.

Natasha and I – Pre-race, which, is why there is still smiles on our faces

It was pretty amazing to see so many riders in one place; all with the same goal in site…to ride 100 miles.  This was more than just a ride, this was a journey.  A 100 mile campaign to raise awareness and funds for Melanoma.  A disease that shook my world just a year and half earlier.   We departed the starting line around 8:00am and had a great pace going the first 20 miles.  It was great to see the support from fellow riders on the road.  Many of them asking about the origin of The Melanoma Mountaineers and complimenting the jersey’s.  There was a total of four rest stops along the way each one between 19 miles and 24 miles apart.  I decided to make this my strategy.  Break the ride down into four – twenty some odd mile sections. It was clearly the only way I was going to get this done.  Just when I thought I could not go another mile, I would reach a stop and would immediately be greeted by my crew (Mom, Dad, Aunt and friend, Jenny) as well as the fantastic snack set-up the century provided.  I can say I have never loved orange slices so much in my life.They were my saving grace as Natasha and I both seemed to have lost the will to shove another cliff bar down our throats.  With a few moments rest I went from I can’t go another mile to alright…I am ready for another 20! Let’s do this! Before you knew it, We made it through all four rest stops, some heavy head winds for about 30 miles that seemed to want us to not ride it’s stretch of road, through the tunnel and across the finish line in under seven hours. Okay, okay…Natsha made it in 6hrs 34 minutes and I trailed about 15 minutes behind.                                                                                        Natasha and Cassie at the finish…


About cassieclicks

My name is Cassie Beisel. I am an aspiring photographer out to capture my life's journey through portraits, architecture, landscape and travel. I love: Food Climbing Cycling Travel All around adventure
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